Pteros  2.0
Molecular modeling library for human beings!
pteros::MOL2_file Class Reference

Use VMD plugin for MOL2. More...

#include <mol2_file.h>

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Public Member Functions

 MOL2_file (std::string &fname)
virtual Mol_file_content get_content_type () const
 Reports content of this file type.
- Public Member Functions inherited from pteros::VMD_molfile_plugin_wrapper
 VMD_molfile_plugin_wrapper (std::string &fname)
virtual void open (char open_mode)
 Opens a file with given access mode. Need to be defined by derived classes.
- Public Member Functions inherited from pteros::Mol_file
bool read (System *sys, Frame *frame, const Mol_file_content &what)
 Reads data, which are specified by what. More...
void write (const Selection &sel, const Mol_file_content &what)
 Write data from selection specidied by what.

Additional Inherited Members

- Static Public Member Functions inherited from pteros::Mol_file
static std::unique_ptr< Mol_filerecognize (std::string fname)
 Recognizes file extension and returns a file handler.
static std::unique_ptr< Mol_fileopen (std::string fname, char open_mode)
 Recognize file extension, open file for reading or writing and return a file handler. More...

Detailed Description

Use VMD plugin for MOL2.

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